All in the Details for Bergeron – As alternate captain of the Black & Gold, Patrice Bergeron always leads by example. The 26-year-old may not be the most vocal in the B’s locker room – or around the league – but if you look close enough, the heart beneath the stitched ‘A’ will lead you to the finer details.

It’s no secret that Bergeron has always put his team before any personal accomplishments, and that rings true today, when he attends the NHL Awards as a finalist for his first Franke J. Selke Trophy as the league’s best defensive forward.

"It’s always – especially in hockey – it’s a team sport that you need to rely on all of your teammates," Bergeron said during NHL Awards media day, "and they’re the ones that are helping you on the ice and you try to do the same thing to them.

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