Merlot Does It Again

NEW YORK, NY - Do you hear that record scratching?

This is going to sound like a broken record the entire way through.

The Merlot Line trio comprised of Daniel Paille, Gregory Campbell and Shawn Thornton (don’t dare call them the fourth line) came up big for the second straight game and propelled the Bruins to their 2-1 win over the Rangers Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden - a place that hasn’t been all too friendly to the Bruins, at that.

They got pucks in deep, forechecked, battled, utilized every inch of the ice time given to them. And led to both of the Bruins’ goals in the victory. Paille earned the game-winner. It wasn’t a “highlight-reel” tally, but it found the back of the net.

"Merlot for everyone, ay?" Thornton would have said.

Read the full feature by clicking here or on the link above.

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