Merlot Line Strikes Again in Series Clincher

BOSTON, MA – Prior to Game Five, Shawn Thornton was caught by surprise when he was informed by a reporter that B’s Head Coach Claude Julien had said a few days prior that because the Merlot Line is so important to the Bruins, he didn’t think it was worth it to have them engaged in fights with the Rangers’ fourth line.

“Did he say that? I honestly try not to pay attention to what’s going on outside of the locker room. I try to get away from it, but that’s nice,” said Thornton. “Definitely [it’s a compliment]. I wasn’t aware, so this is kind of shocking. We’ve been contributing so far in these playoffs. We’ve been able to continue to contribute.

“With that being said, if people are taking liberties or trying to take advantage of any of the guys, it doesn’t mean those things are still sewn onto our sleeves.”

In the Bruins 3-1, series-clinching victory over the Rangers on Saturday night, the ‘fourth line’ delivered once again. Gregory Campbell potted a pair of goals, Daniel Paille assisted on one of the tallies, and Thornton, who did decide to drop the gloves with Derek Dorsett in the first period, came a few inches away from a goal late in the third that would’ve secured himself a Gordie Howe hat trick.

Read the full feature by clicking here or on the link above.

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