What’s better than a Bruins-Habs “friendly” matchup?

The Bruins went through their pregame paces this morning, at the Bell Centre in Montreal, preparing for tonight’s game between the rivals.

Above are a few scenes from morning skate…

1) First off, Gregory Campbell firing pucks at the boards while waiting to jump into his faceoff rounds with Assistant Coach Doug Jarvis.

(During skate, I usually watch rushes, before roaming a bit to try and get photos. No. 11 may or may not have been [he was] nonchalantly firing the shots because I had the phone camera in the first row, literally pushed right up against the glass. Hey, it made for this great photo of the Merlot Liner.)

2 and 3) The Bell Centre has to be one of my favorite road arenas. The history in the rafters, the red seats that welcome us every time we arrive at the empty, quiet rink. And the atmosphere that fills the seats come game-time. Away from the Garden, this is one of the best.

4) Assistant Coach Doug Jarvis dropping pucks for faceoff practice with David Krejci and the Bruins’ centermen. There’s a reason that Boston has been a dominant team in faceoffs season after season. Patrice Bergeron always helps their statistics, but “Jarvy” (the ultimate NHL ironman in his playing days with Montreal) leads the charge.

5) Shawn Thornton heading out onto the ice for pregame stick (stick tap to our video producer who captured this great shot).

6) Center-ice stretch to wrap up skate. The Bruins seemed undecided as to who to force into the middle to lead the stretch, until sending Quebec native Jordan Caron in.

7) Big Zee making his warmup rounds.

8) Patrice Bergeron speaking with reporters pregame. It’s always two “media scrums” for Bergy in Montreal, with the first go-round in French, followed by a round of the often same questions in Engligh.

9) Same goes for Coach Julien. Montreal is often the largest media contingent we encounter on the road, with the bilingual scrums for both Julien and Bergeron.


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