Shawn Thornton Speaks With Media Following Game Against Pens

Shawn Thornton spoke with reporters in the Bruins’ locker room at TD Garden, following the game against the Penguins. Choked up and trying to get out his words, Shawn answered a few questions from the media.

"Listen, I feel awful. It wasn’t my intention," said Shawn. "I know Brooksy, I’ve gotten to know him over the last 7 years here, I skate with him in the summer, and did during the lockout. I’ve texted him a couple of times. I definitely feel awful. It was not what I wanted to see or what anyone wanted to see."

A reporter then asked Shawn, ‘What caused you to lose your composure?’

"Obviously, I made a mistake. I’m aware of it," he said. "I’ve been told that I’ll be having a hearing and it’s hard for me to say much more other than that was not my intention. I feel awful and felt sick all game."

"I’ve prided myself for a long time to stay within the lines, and like I said, it’s hard for me to talk about right now. I can’t say I’m sorry enough, and I’m sure I’ll be criticized for saying it, but it’s true. I, I just hope he’s doing alright. I heard that he’s conscious and talking, and I’m happy to hear that."

With Shawn having a hearing, he will not be traveling with the team to Toronto tonight.

In addition to the Bruins being without the winger for the game against the Leafs, they will also be without Loui Eriksson and Chris Kelly.

As Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien told reporters postgame, Eriksson has a concussion and will not be traveling with the team. Center Chris Kelly will also not be making the trip with the team to Toronto, as he suffered a lower body injury from a slash during tonight’s game.

As always, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on everything surrounding the team as we begin our four-game road trip through Canada.

-Caryn Switaj ^CS

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