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I woke up in Adirondack, went to pregame skate this morning, came out and coach told me I had to head back to the hotel and get my stuff ready in case I got the call-up today. So I went back, kind of rushed, got the stuff packed and then I ended up getting called up at about 12:30. Took an hour for us to find a way to get from Glens Falls up to Ottawa. Ended up taking a cab about four and a half hours to the border, got in a car service up there and got to the rink about five minutes before warm-ups started. So it’s been a whirlwind it still kind of seems a little surreal.

-Zach Trotman, on his experience before playing in his first NHL game in Ottawa on December 28

Bruins Beat: Trots Paired with Zee

Since Training Camp began, second-year pro Zach Trotman has been paired with Zdeno Chara on the blueline — and “Trots” is taking full advantage of the experience.

Watch Bruins Beat from Day 2 of Training Camp by clicking here or on the link above.

Professional Spotlight: Zach Trotman

It’s a difficult task to project any draft pick. After all, even many first-rounders don’t make an NHL roster. But Zach Trotman, picked in the last possible spot in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft (7th Round, 30th Pick, 210th Overall), is turning heads in Providence as the former Lake Superior State defenseman refines his game in the pros.