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Bruins Spread the Holiday Cheer with Annual Holiday Toy Delivery

BOSTON, MA - It’s only a few hours, once a year, but wow, do those hours make an impact.

We’re amidst the holiday season, traditionally a time for family and friends, and plenty of goodwill - and gifts - to go around. “Home for the Holidays,” we often say.

If you’re in the hospital during this time, not surrounded by the comforts of home, it’s not easy, even if family is close-by.

That’s where Ray Bourque stepped in years ago, when he was Captain of the Bruins, beginning a new tradition for the Black & Gold, to annually go shopping for toys and donate them to Boston hospitals every holiday season.

Bruins Alternate Captain Patrice Bergeron now spearheads the efforts, which saw the Bruins purchase over $20,000 worth of toy donations that were delivered by the team. More than 600 children who are unable to celebrate the holidays at home will now get to enjoy the toys.

"We know how big of a thing Christmas is when you’re a kid. And if you have to spend it in the hospital, it could be tough, but then again, all of the employees here in the hospital, they do such a great job with that, try to make it as comfortable as possible and then we can just stop by for an hour or two and do the same thing."

- Tuukka Rask

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