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Getting to Know Tuukka

Check out the latest “Getting to Know” video with Tuukka Rask at the link above or by clicking here.


More than halfway through the season, Rask’s Q&A is the 15th video we’ve filmed so far. The segment started fairly organically back in August when we visited Jarome Iginla in British Columbia before he first suited up in the Spoked-B, and has kind of taken on a life of its own.

For us, it often breaks up the monotony of the everyday postpractice, pregame and postgame interviews with the team that we package in our “Bruins Beat” reports.

Something I’ve learned? No matter the questions/answers (and how serious or lighthearted - or ridiculous - they may be), a piece of the Bruin’s personality always shines through, and that is the ultimate goal.

The interviews usually last longer than the 2-3 minute videos that end up on That means there are often a few questions and answers that don’t make it in. So, I figured there’s no better time than the Olympic Break to go back through the footage.

We’ll start by filling in the “Getting to Know Tuukka”…

Favorite band and type of music?
[No hesitation here.] “Favorite band’s got to be Metallica, but I’m pretty much everything goes for me, music-wise. I’m mostly classic rock, rock, metal, that’s my first selection.”

Play an instrument?
"I play drums, and a little bit of guitar."

So, if we had a drum set here right now in the locker room, what would you play?
"I don’t know, I don’t really play songs…I just jam. But a song from Metallica, Seek and Destroy."

Is that your favorite song?
"I’d say it’s a pretty good song, it’s up there."

If if I had you make a band with other guys in this room right now, is there anyone you would choose to put in your group?
"Johnny, he can play guitar. Then Looch and Bart can sing - well I don’t know if they can sing, but they like to sing, so those three at least."

[Johnny Boychuk was soon standing right by the camera. “He’s putting you in his band,” I said. “Well, yeah, he’s smart,” said Johnny. “Lead guitarist,” Tuukka told him.]

If you’re not playing hockey, would you be a drummer?
"Oh I don’t know, being a rock star would probably be nice, would be really draining but - rockstar, or soccer player or tennis player."

So, favorite non-hockey sports, soccer and tennis?
"Yeah, and golf, have to put golf up there, too."

David said soccer, too. Could you beat him?

How about in two-touch?
"Yeah, yeah, I can juggle the ball [better than] most of the team, I would say."

Before hockey was on the radar, what was your first job?
[Well, I first blindly started ‘how’d you make your first dollar?’ to which the smirking netminder gestured, ‘well, we didn’t have dollars in Finland.’ FYI, would have been the markka and then euro going into his paycheck back then…]
"But I was a stagehand in the local opera festival when I was 15, so that was my first job. Just changing the stage and helping out everybody, just kind of a handyman, so to say. You know, 15 years old, you’re kind of trying to do whatever people say to do, just staying out of the way, so just changing the stages and helping people out."

Have a recent movie recommendation?
"Yeah, Anchorman 2, probably that. [Funny?] Yeah, it was really good."

Speed boat or fishing boat?
"Speed boat."

Bart would probably be more the fishing boat type, huh?
"Yeah, I don’t fish too much. Speed boat, or jet ski."

[Props to No. 40 for responding to this last one…]

Would you rather have every game end in a shootout or spend an entire practice taking Zdeno Chara slapshots from the faceoff circle?

"Every game?"


"Zee’s slapshots. He doesn’t shoot that hard."


Chiarelli Issues Update on Boychuk

Boston, MA - Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli issued the following update today, December 7, on Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk: Johnny has been diagnosed with a back sprain and will be out for approximately three to seven days.

Johnny Boychuk Cleared to Fly Back with Team

MONTREAL, QC - For the fourth time this season, the Bruins had to play with a defenseman down.

Johnny Boychuk left the game 4:28 into the first period on Thursday night at the Bell Centre, with the Bruins taking on the Canadiens.

After a collision into the boards behind the Montreal goal following a hit by Max Pacioretty, Boychuk was slow to get his bearings.

It wasn’t so much the hit, on which Pacioretty was assessed a minor penalty for boarding, as it was the way Boychuk went awkwardly into the boards.

“I don’t know exactly how much time and all that stuff but the good news is he’s coming back with us tonight and then he’ll be reassessed by our doctors back in Boston.”

- Claude Julien

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Johnny Boychuk and the Bruins (and Chief) touch down in #Montreal. #nhlbruins

Johnny Boychuk and the Bruins (and Chief) touch down in #Montreal. #nhlbruins

Johnny Boychuk watching himself land a heavy hit against Dallas during an advanced screening of #BehindTheB presented by Alex and Ani. Episode 4 debuts tonight at 7:30 pm ET on NESN!

Johnny Boychuk watching himself land a heavy hit against Dallas during an advanced screening of #BehindTheB presented by Alex and Ani. Episode 4 debuts tonight at 7:30 pm ET on NESN!

Eriksson "Definitely" In Against Dallas; Boychuk Likely to Return

BOSTON, MA - Loui Eriksson will be in the Bruins lineup tonight at TD Garden when he faces his former team, the Dallas Stars. It marks his first game back since suffering a concussion on the illegal hit to the head by John Scott in Buffalo on October 23.

Tonight, he’ll be reunited on a line with his centerman Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand on his left wing.

"I’m just going to do the things I’m good at and not think about what happened the last game I played."

- Loui Eriksson

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Johnny Boychuk Doesn't Make Trip to Long Island, Still Day-to-Day - Boston Bruins - Blog

UNIONDALE, NY - When the Bruins traveled to Long Island to face off against the New York Islanders on Saturday night, defenseman Johnny Boychuk did not make the trip.

"Last minute decision on him not bringing him. He was better suited to stay back home and get some treatment there."

- Claude Julien

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It’s tough because you want to do whatever you can to make the team and at the same time, you don’t want to make any mistakes. So, it’s, like you’ve got to play really good hockey. You have to play really good hockey all of the time, but it’s kind of like you’re fighting. You have to be ready for anything, and you have to put everything out there…

You can’t overthink the game; you just have to keep doing the same thing that got you here - you know, just keeping it simple is sometimes best.

Bruins Defenseman Johnny Boychuk, on what it’s like to be competing for a full-time spot on the roster.

Johnny Rocket on Point

NEW YORK, NY - Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk is usually known for his rugged toughness.

He’s the type of player that would dive in front of a Zdeno Chara 108 mile-an-hour blast if he had to.

When he was hurting after blocking a shot on a shift in the first round of the playoffs against Toronto, he powered through - essentially hunched over and with only one leg able to skate - thwarting another shot attempt, sliding to the boards, inching his way back in front of Tuukka Rask, before the puck finally got out of the zone.

"You try to just block anything and do anything. You’re not really doing any good if you’re lying down,” the blueliner had said.

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Boychuk Back in Lineup - The battle-laden Johnny Boychuk was back in the Bruins lineup on Saturday against the Flyers, after missing three games with a lower-body injury.

At a March 22 practice in Ottawa, Boychuk had taken a puck off the skate, and missed the ensuing week of games.

Though he did not log his usual above-20 minutes in his first game back since the injury, obviously to ease him into the lineup after the three-game layoff, No. 55 took 24 shifts (just two off his average of 26 per game) for 16:30 on the ice, including 45 seconds of time on the penalty kill.

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